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What Can Trigger Heart Burn?


What Can Trigger Heart Burn?

Heart burn happens when acid from your stomach escapes up into your throat and irritates the sensitive cells lining your oesophagus. Understanding what causes your stomach acid to escape can help us to prevent heart burn from happening.


Food and Drink

You may find that eating or drinking certain things can give you heart burn. Although indigestion is triggered by different things for different people, some of the common causes include:

1. Caffeine, including coffee and fizzy drinks
2. Fruit juices, particularly citrus juices
3. Greasy or fatty foods that take longer to digest
4. Spicy foods or onions
5. Acidic foods such as tomatoes and citrus fruits
6. Chocolate, which can relax the muscle at the entrance to your stomach


The best way to identify triggers of heart burn is to keep a food and symptom diary. You should be able to spot any connections between what you’re eating and when you feel ill. You’ll then know what to avoid.

The Way You Eat

Sometimes heart burn isn’t being triggered by what you are eating, but by how you are eating it. You may need to adjust the way you eat to prevent indigestion.

1. Try to eat smaller meals so that your stomach doesn’t get too full or produce too much acid. You may need to eat more often to compensate for having less at each meal.
2. Stick to your mealtimes and avoid snacking so that your stomach has time to lower it’s acidity between meals.
3. Take your time when eating as it will aid digestion and help you to recognise when you’re full so that you eat less.
4. Don’t eat before exercising or lying down as this can make it easier for acid to escape from your stomach.

Other Causes of Heart Burn

Although heart burn is often linked to our diet, there are a few other factors that may be contributing to your symptoms:

1. Stress can make indigestion worse 2. Smoking stimulate more acid production can relaxes the muscle that keeps your stomach closed, which can result in heart burn 3. Excess weight increases the chances of heart burn

Addressing these issues should help to relieve your indigestion, while also improving your general health.