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Sedation Options for Your Endoscopy


Sedation Options for Your Endoscopy

Endoscopy is a simple procedure that can be carried out while you’re awake. If you are having a private endoscopy in London, you may be able to choose whether to remain fully awake or have a sedative to help you relax. You should consider the options carefully and discuss them with your doctor before the procedure.

Endoscopy Procedure Options

Having an Endoscopy While You’re Awake

It isn’t always necessary to have a sedative, so you may decide to remain awake when you have a private endoscopy at the London clinic. If you are having the procedure without a sedative:

  • An anaesthetic spray will be used on the back of your throat. It will make the back of your throat feel numb and prevent you from feeling any pain. The spray should help you to swallow the endoscope more easily.
  • You will be asked to lie down on your side.
  • The endoscope will then be passed into your mouth and down your throat. You will feel this happening, but it shouldn’t be painful. The doctor will ask you to swallow as the tube moves down your throat.
  • Once the investigation is complete, the endoscope will be removed. Your throat will feel numb and you should avoid eating or drinking anything for about an hour until the anaesthetic wears off.

Having a Sedative

If you feel uncomfortable having the procedure while you are fully aware or your doctor recommends it, you may be given a sedative before your private endoscopy. The sedative is a drug that will help you to feel sleepy and relaxed during the procedure.

  • You will be given an injection of sedative before the endoscopy begins. It will take a few minutes for the drug to start working.
  • The sedative will make you feel drowsy and less aware of what is happening, but you will still be awake during the procedure.
  • When the endoscopy is over, you will rest for a while as the sedative wears off. You should arrange for someone to pick you up and take it easy for the rest of the day.
  • Your memories of the procedure may be a bit hazy afterwards.